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Why choose a rennin? You know well that during spring and autumn it is essential to have a versatile garment in your wardrobe that allows you to complete your outfits making them suitable for all the climatic variations of the day and a reindeer jacket allows you all of this.

Rennino is ideal combined with a pair of jeans, a shirt or a t-shirt but you can also combine it with the first little dresses worn during the sunny days of May, creating a carefree but at the same time practical and comfortable style, ideal in periods of swinging: choose whether to wear it casually open or closed for the cooler hours.

The Pifebo reindeer jacket catalog is rich and suitable for any style: you can choose between vintage models with their great charm and style or opt for more sporty models with zips for more practical looks.

Rennino is a garment that has gone through past fashions while always remaining true to itself and always imposing itself as an indispensable garment. Choose the suede jacket that best suits your style in our online shop.

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